Skinny Girl Margaritas Yanked from Whole Foods

Skinny girl margaritas, made famous by founder Bethenny Frankel of Real Desperate Housewives of New York, has been pulled from the shelves at Whole Foods stores due to a synthetic ingredient used as a preservative.  Whole Foods policy is to not offer any products with synthetic, or “unnatural ingredients” at its stores.  Skinny Girl is also being sued for false advertising by including “all natural” on the label.  Why do I care?  I don’t, but the same thing happened to Kashi last week.  As E! network would say…”Trend Alert!”.

A perfectly easy to read graph on what we eat every year. Each person averages 1,996 pounds a year!  With 23 pound of french fries and a gallon of soda a week.

I’m a big fan of calorie counts clearly posted on restaurants menus, but this is a surprising place to find such information. (Hint: a bag of peanuts is 960 calories!)

A very interesting examination by Dr Stewart Segal at on the true meaning of ‘healthy’.

Blog of the week:  Abby at Run Stronger Every Day gives us Running is Cheaper Than Therapy. I concur!


2 responses to “Skinny Girl Margaritas Yanked from Whole Foods

  1. Thanks, Dan! I kinda wish I didn’t know the calories count of my popcorn when I’m at a ball game…*sigh*

    • No kidding. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. Especially with ballpark food.

      And, my wife immediately informed me Ms Frankel is on ‘Real Housewives’ NOT ‘Deperate Housewives’. How embarrassing….

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