Brown Bag Challenge: Marriage > Bachelorhood

I was a bachelor for a decade (ok, longer than a decade).  It was always hard to prepare something healthy for one person.  Now I’m married, and it’s slightly easier to make healthy portions for two people, but not always.  Which is why I’ve discovered a little something called “leftovers”.

Yes, yes, I’d vaguely heard of them in my bachelor days (pizza and Chinese takeout anyone?) but never considered leftovers a staple of my diet.  Now they are.  Only they’re called “the next day’s lunch”.

I understand this isn’t earth shattering.  But it stands to reason if you make one
healthy meal and then eat it again the next day, that’s two healthy meals. Surprisingly, I was not a math major…

Like any brownbag endeavor, the key is planning.    Last night we made stir fry with chicken and brown rice.  Deliberately we bought and made way too much food with the expressed purpose of having leftovers.

Imagine that, as a married guy I’m actually TRYING for leftovers as opposed to eating the whole damned thing.

Here’s highly amateur pics of our dinner last night….

And our lunch the next day…

Bachelorhood was fun (not that much, darling wife), but marriage definitely wins on better brown bagging.


4 responses to “Brown Bag Challenge: Marriage > Bachelorhood

  1. We try for this too, though sometimes the Hubs will end up eating too much of our healthy dinner and so there isn’t enough left for TWO lunches the next day 😉 It’s an art form– guess we just have to keep practicing at it!

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