How to Ruin a Salad #3

When you think salad, you probably think healthy.  Generally, salads ARE healthier than a burger and fries.  But we do things to salads that ruin the healthy status of our field of greens.  Lots of things.  One at a time, lest we get over whelmed.  Since they’re all bad, we’ll go in no particular order.

How to Ruin a Salad #3: Fried Chicken

I’m not talking here about out-of-a-bucket type fried chicken.  If you’re putting that on a salad, we’ve got bigger problems.  No, I’m referring to the breaded and fried chicken breast cut into strips and laid a top your “healthy” lunch.

You wouldn’t consider a fried chicken breast a healthy lunch.  Putting salad greens under it doesn’t change that equation.  A medium fried chicken breast, with no skin, adds 500 calories.  You could have a slice of pizza instead.

Go for grilled chicken and keep your healthy lunch just that.

How to Ruin a Salad #1 How to Ruin a Salad#2


3 responses to “How to Ruin a Salad #3

  1. Gotta love the “healthy” choice of lettuce with fried chicken, croutons, cheese, and ranch dressing!

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