The Most Important Piece of Exercise Gear You’re Not Using

Two years ago my wife gave me a gift for my birthday.  It changed the way I workout so much I can’t image a fitness routine without it.  No, it wasn’t the shake weight.   The workout altering gift was a heart rate monitor.

Checking my pulse after a run.

The best way to burn fat when exercising is to increase your intensity.  Doing sprints say, instead of long slow jog.  Measuring the intensity of your workout, however, can sometimes be tricky.  Enter the heart rate monitor.

A heart rate monitor gives you infallable, consistent feedback on workout intensity.  Allowing you to know exactly how hard you’re working and therefore, how effectively you’re burning  fat.

Many heart rate monitors these days will adjust to your age, weight, and gender to provide target heart rates for working out.  Most also calculate and record workout length and calorie burn giving you a weekly exercise report card.

For that birthday two years ago my wife chose an intermediate model made by Polar.  I’ve been very pleased with it’s features and performance.

If you exercise regularly, or plan to start, get a heart rate monitor.  I promise your workout will never be the same.  Or you could get a shake weight…..


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