Food Marketing Strategy: Gluttony is Good

New ultra-low calorie foods push their products by celebrating gluttony.  The maker of a 150 calorie pint of ice cream says, “We feel like a serving (of ice cream) is an entire pint”.  This could get ugly…..

It’s not entirely groundbreaking, but this is an interesting take on why we crave those high fat, high sugar foods.  Blame our caveman ancestors.

A study provides evidence to what parents have known all along, the type of television a child watches affects their behavior.  A fast-paced, high energy cartoon?  Decreased ability to follow instructions and delay gratification.

Another “I knew that!” study describes how laughter raises our pain tolerance.

Harvard thinks the MyPlate guideline by the USDA needs tweaking.  So they came out with their own.  Why?  Because they can.  It’s good to be the king.

Blog of the week.  
Rebecca at tells us why and how to plant a herb garden
outside your condo or apartment window.


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