Learning to Eat Healthy

During my last year of pharmacy school for reasons I can’t quite remember, I decided it was time to start eating healthier.  Full of motivation I headed  to Kroger to load up on healthy stuff.

Whole grain bread, fat-free cheese, low sodium turkey breast, and carrot sticks became the next day’s lunch.  I was so proud of myself.  Say hello to the new Dan!  Healthy eater Dan!  At lunch the next day, however, something
happened that ruined my transformation.

Lunch tasted like crap.  No way was eating this way every day an option.   I concluded I just don’t like “healthy” food.  I soothed my soul that evening
with beer and pizza.  Got an order of wings too.


Lucky for me, over the years I didn’t entirely give up on healthy food.  I experimented more.  Found a whole grain bread I liked.  Figured out dipping carrots in hummus is delicious.  Even learned how to make a craveable salad.  I also figured out I will never, ever, eat fat-free cheese again.

I became a different eater.  A healthier eater.  It only took a decade.  And I’m not done learning.

You too have time to be a healthier eater.  There’s a line somewhere about Rome and a day.  Can’t remember how it goes….

Slowly try new foods and flavors, or ways to cook.  Build better eating habits one at a time.  In the end it’ll add up to a new you.  Occasional soul soothing pizza and beer sessions notwithstanding.


6 responses to “Learning to Eat Healthy

  1. I also figured out that after years of eating like crap, you really do have to learn or re-learn how to eat healthy. No only that, but you have to learn to enjoy it. I think my moment came a couple years after college. I remember my metabolism taking quite a dive shortly after college, I finally hit a weight I wasn’t happy with and knew it was time for a change. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats can taste great. And as time goes on, I learned your body and your taste buds start to enjoy them more and more. Not only that but it makes you feel better mentally and physically. There are always ways to make seemingly dull foods taste great too.

    • Absolutely Drew! Healthy food can, and does, taste good. It definitely is a learning process. And I’ve found as life changes (marriage, kids, job change, etc) you actively have to learn how to continue to make healthy choices.

  2. I was wondering, when stacked up against white bread and whole grain bread, where do rye and pumpernickle rank? I recently discovered the different taste of these two breads. I find myself in the same situation you described just to be in the same spot a week later and thought this might be a healthier alternative to my all time favorite white french bread.

    • Prevailing wisdom is rye bread is a better choice than french bread. The rye grain kernel has shown to not spike blood sugar as much as standard white breads. I love rye and typically grab a loaf once a month or so to mix things up. Pumpernickel is a cousin of rye so the same goes for it.

      There are definitely some rye imposters out there though. Make sure to read the ingredient list and stay away from anything that says “enriched rye flour” or something of that sort.

      Consider rye better than standard white french bread but not quite as good as whole grain (remember, multigrain means nothing and is a trick by food marketers). I would absolutely suggest trying rye in an effort to eat a little healthier! Start by trying to buy rye every other time. Doing that can ease you into buying rye regularly and spulrging on a french loaf for a treat.

      Have a marvelous day and thanks for reading!

  3. I have found that the two things that make eating healthier more realistic for me are:

    1. Not being the only one in the house trying to eat healthy. It is much more difficult to eat what is good for you when everyone around you is continuously eating junk food. So team up. Maybe with your spouse or roommates.


    2. Accepting that there will be healthy food that you like, and healthy food that you are not as big of fan of. Don’t get discouraged that you don’t like the first few healthy things you try. Keep trying new ideas. Ask around. For some it may start with just a healthy snack here and there, and eventually graduate to full on entire healthy meals!!

    • I wholeheartedly agree on both points. I’ve found it’s easier for me to eat healthy now that I’m married because my wife shares my commitment. I can’t say the same for the roommates from my bachelor days.

      And slowly trying new healthy foods is the way to go. One step at a time to increase your healthy food line up.

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