Five Favorite Workout Songs



A workout is always enhanced by a great music mix.  Setting the tone for my workout is the primary objective when I make a music mix.  When I want an intense workout these five songs get me going.

#1 “Here I Come” by The Roots.    The title of this song makes it clear where it stands in my lineup.  No other song gets my workout started better than this tune from the Philadelphia based hip hop group.

#2 “I’m your Boogieman” by White Zombie.  This heavy metal outfit doesn’t mess around.  Exactly what I’m looking for when squeezing out a few more reps.

#3 “Higher Ground” by Red Hot Chili Peppers.  My all-time favorite tune by one of the best bands of the past 2 decades is the perfect high paced song to keep my motor running mid workout.

#4 “11th Dimension” by Julian Casablancas.  A solo effort by the Strokes front man is an uptempo song that immediately gives my a boost.

#5 “Enth E Nd” by Linkin Park. A remixed version of their hit “In the End” has one of the coolest beat to wind down my workout.

Any favorites of yours I should try?


2 responses to “Five Favorite Workout Songs

  1. Fatboy Slim, “Right Here Right Now”

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