The Trouble with FroYo

Self serve frozen yogurt places have popped up all over the country.  Alas, it seems we consume more calories and bad stuff per visit than to “less healthy” ice cream parlors.  Learn why so you can have your FroYo and eat it too…

First Lady Michelle Obama continues her healthy eating crusade by partnering with Darden restaurants to decrease salt and calorie content of menu items.  Yoni Freedhoff makes a good case for why it’s not as good an idea as it seems.

I was surprised to find out some beers contain animal products.  I’m far from vegan, but for those that are here are 7 beers safe to consume this Oktoberfest.

A new animal study has shown evidence that enzyme CoQ10 can increase the health of eggs in no longer fertile animals.  Will this give women older than 35 a better chance of delivering healthy babies?

The inventor of Doritos has passed away.  Although decidedly a one-star food, I can’t imagine a life without an occasional treat from one of my favorite junk


2 responses to “The Trouble with FroYo

  1. FroYo could have made you rich babe 🙂

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