Brown Bagging Lessons

The biggest lesson always comes last….

All month I’ve taken part in the Brownbag Challenge laid down by the Food Network’s blog, Healthy Eats.  I’m a regular brown bagger so I didn’t think I’d have much to add.  I was wrong.  I learned a lot about bringing my lunch with me:

I’ve reaffirmed the most important aspect of successful brown bagging is preparation.  It’s hard to bring your lunch when there’s nothing in the kitchen to actually bring.

I’ve learned to rely on  leftovers. I was kinda grossed out as kid when my mom
threw together lunch from several days of  leftovers.  Now I see she was onto something.  Smart lady.

I’ve learned you can still call it brown bagging is even if you’re eating on your couch.

During this last week, though, I learned my biggest lesson.  I’ve learned brown bagging has become so much of a habit for me, so necessary to my eating patterns, without it I get aggravated.

Brown bagging has become my dieting refuge from the hazards of eating in our western world.  I need it so I can enjoy wings on gameday and pizza on Sunday night.  And that makes brown bagging worth a lot more than I ever guessed….


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