Healthful Priorities: Sleep

Where do your priorities lie?  It’s a tough question to ask ourselves.  It’s difficult to be that honest about what we choose to do with our time.  But we need to ask it.  Often.

I’m going to start asking it of myself.  Since this is a health and wellness blog, I’ll center my questions on healthful priorities.  Perhaps my reflections can help you realize your priorities.

First up, one of the most common misplaced priorities throughout our society, Sleep.

Lately, I’ve de-prioritized sleep.  Not much.  A half and hour or so a night.  Thus far I’m not really feeling the effects.  But I will.  And soon.

What has taken its place?  Honestly? Um, football.  Admittedly, a silly reason.  See, I usually go to bed around 11pm.  Weeknight football games kickoff at 8:30 and last 3 hours.  Sleep suffers for my football fix.

Along with diet and exercise, sleep is one of the 3 pillars of healthy living.   Yet we don’t pay nearly as much attention to it as we should.  Oftentimes, sleep is the first thing to go when our lives get hectic.

So, this month, join me in putting sleep back in its rightful place on our to-do list.  A notch above football.

What silly things have crept into your sleeping hours lately?


2 responses to “Healthful Priorities: Sleep

  1. Sleep is definitely my most “unhealthy” habit. Between my full time day job, part time job teaching fitness classes, part time “job” blogging, and just finding time for a social live or myself, it’s hard to get a full night’s sleep!

  2. I think that’s the situation the vast majority of us find ourselves in. I know I do!

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