The Endorsement: Food Journals

As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of diets.  Being “on a diet” means you’ll eventually be “off a diet”.  Sorry to say, proper dieting is neverending.

Sometimes though, we need a kick in the butt to get us back into better food choices.  To do this I am a big fan of food journals.

A food journal is simply a record of everything you eat and drink in a day.  When I feel my food choices are more miss than hit, I’ll log everything that passes my lips for a week.  It becomes readily apparent where my dieting missteps are occurring.

My favorite way to food journal is through the website  It’s free and easy.  Just set up an account and search through their extensive database of food choices (including many chain restaurant offerings) and click what you’ve eaten.

The next time you feel your diet getting off track, swing into and log your foods for a several days.  It’ll help you eat smarter and keep you off the diet bandwagon.


One response to “The Endorsement: Food Journals

  1. Thanks Dan for information on

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