Drink Without Getting Drunk? Um, What?


Researchers in Australia have developed a “stay sober pill” that has shown effectiveness in mice.  Take pill, drink all you want, don’t get drunk. They’re developing it to be used in humans.  Another option: if you don’t want to get drunk, don’t drink.

Denmark, one of the world’s leanest countries, is adding a tax on saturated fat in food to combat obesity.  It would increase the price of a burger roughly $0.15.  Will it work?  Many policy makers will be watching.

Did you buy Reebok’s RunTone roning shoes hoping for a 11% firmer backside? Well, now Reebok has admitted it made erroneous claims regarding the resulting tightness of your tush.  If you have a pair, you can get your money back.

On Monday I talked about prioritizing sleep.  A new study underscores this thought by demonstrating children with earlier bedtimes stay leaner.

More kids are hurting themselves with medicine overdoses (mostly accidental). My day job being a pharmacist, I must remind to keep meds away from where kids may find them.

A quick reminder to wash those reusable grocery bags!


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