Eat by Stars: Ground Turkey Breast, Everything Bagel, & more

This weeks Eat by Stars foods….

Ground Turkey Breast 

Per 1/4 lb: calories 130, fat 1.5g, carbs 0g, protein 27g

A good, lean alternative to ground beef, ground turkey breast gives you the burger texture without the guilt.  Be aware not to get ground turkey.  That has nearly as much fat as regular ground beef.  If you’re going for a healthy turkey burger, make sure it’s breast meat only.

Romaine Lettuce Hearts 

Per 6 leaves: calories 10, fat og, carbs 2g, protein 1g

No surprise that romaine lettuce leaves are good for you.  But think of them outside of the realm of a salad base.  Tear off a leave and fill it with lean meat, some cheese and veggies, and voila, you have just made your three star taco a 4 star treat.  Organic here is key.

Everything Bagel 

Per bagel: calories 270, fat 4g, carbs 50g, protein 10g

A bagel every morning is definitely not the best way to start the day, but topped with a protein (peanut butter or an egg, for example) and you’ve got a solid breakfast.  The first ingredient is enriched flour.  Ugh.  You can eat regularly, but it’d be wise to find one in whole grain.  The everything style doesn’t affect a bagel’s three star status.

Panko Bread Crumbs  

 Per 1/2 cup (enough for coating 2 chicken breasts):   calories 110, fat 0.5g, carbs 24g, protein 3g

If you’re grabbing for a chicken breast or shrimp, covering it carbs is not the best way to eat healthy.  But, if you’re looking for a little crunch to your protein, rolling it in panko and baking it is much better than a typical bread crumb-covered, deep-fried version.  And, frankly, much tastier.

Blueberry Preserves  

Per tablespoon (a one knife slathering worth): calories 50, fat 0g, carbs 13g, protein 0g

Preserves are so delicious because they are straight sugar.  The second ingredient is the dreaded high fructose corn syrup.  Go easy on this blueberry flavored sugar goop.

Disclaimer: I take all these pics myself at local markets.  Unless specifically noted, I am not attempting to single out a specific brand or company.  One company’s product is not different or better than another’s similar product. I get all my nutritional info from the package.  For items without packages I consult and the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory website.


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