A Word about Stretching

I am not a certified personal trainer.  But, I have been exercising regularly for over 15 years.  I don’t know everything about fitness, but I’ve picked up lots of tricks over the years.

Here’s what I’ve learned about stretching: you’re likely doing it wrong.

You’ve probably been taught to stretch before you exercise to prevent injury.  An excellent idea.  But you were probably taught the typical reach down and touch your toes type of stuff.  Not excellent.

You see, before you workout the purpose of stretching is to get your muscles warmed up.  Primed for action.  The touch your toes stuff (static stretching) does nothing of the sort.  In fact, it can make your muscles weaker.

Before working out you need dynamic stretching.  Stretching that keeps you moving, activates your nervous system, and challenges your muscles.  Think jumping jacks, front and side lunges, knee raises, or trunk twists.

Before working out I use “The Microwave” developed by trainer Eric Cressey to get my muscles warm and loose.

Before your next workout use dynamic stretching.  Leave the high school gym static stretches for your cool down.


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