A “No Girls Allowed!” Soft Drink

It’s no secret marketing teams often repackage products to appeal across gender lines.  Rarely is a company so blatant about this strategy, however.  Enter Dr. Pepper 10.  Their advertising campaign has one hook, “for boys only!”.  So ladies, whatever you do, don’t drink our cola-flavored, caffeine-laced, soft drink.  You wouldn’t know how to handle it….

Last week I endorsed food journals, specifically fitday.com.  Huffington Post blogger Julie Thomson also loves fitday.com.  For her, the website helped her learn how judge serving size.  Check out her lessons.

Can healthy eating override negative genetics?    This study thinks so.

Ever wonder about mayonnaise?  No?  Yeah, I can see that.  Well, if you have, here’s 11 facts about one of America’s favorite sandwich toppings.

Folic acid is crucial for fetal development.  A new study also shows a link between folic acid use in pregnancy and children’s language skills.

Does Vitamin B12 cause you to have a bigger brain?


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