Crazy New Food. Thanks NASCAR….

Ah, NASCAR.  If you’ve never been to a race you are missing out on an experience.  The hot sun beating down on your shirtless back while you chug Coors Light and feel the stands shimmy and vibrate as cars zip past you at 200 mph.

Now Charlotte Motor Speedway has cranked up the experience with a concoction unlike anything I’ve ever heard of….

Introducing the Funnel Bacakonator!

THAT is a large funnel cake drizzled with chocolate and strawberry sauces and then topped with a bunch of bacon.  Sit and think about that for a second…..

It’s been years since I’ve been to Charlotte Motor Speedway.  But if I go again, and if I decide to sample this monstrosity of gastric proportions, it will be surely only be after numerous Coors Lights.

I’m assuming that’s where the inspiration for it came from anyway…


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