Marginalizing Potatoes

Recently, there has been a big push to make school lunch offerings healthier. Makes sense since the tens of millions federally subsidized school lunches served everyday are a perfect place to ensure our youngest generation fulfill their nutritional needs.

One of the more significant steps that has been taken in this regard is the USDA’s decision to limit potato products from school lunches.  The potato, of course isn’t entirely the problem.  It’s the typical serving in french fry form that hurts lunch nutrition.

Last week, the US Senate, led by senators from potato growing states, stepped in to block the measure.  French fries will remain on the menu in our schools.

What do you think?  Should the potato be marginalized on school lunch menus?

Is nutritional oversight of school lunches necessary and/or appropriate?

If they took away french fries would there be anything you’d eat in the school cafeteria? (Besides personal pizzas, of course).

I’m all ears….or eyes…


What Say You!

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