Obesity Crisis Solved

Mark Bittman of the New York Times is upset the British have discovered the remedy for the obesity crisis before us:

What section has the healthiest food in your supermarket?  If you said the produce section you can understand why packaged food manufacturers are fighting to get close or, amazingly, inside the fruits and veggies zone.

A new study has added a new potential benefit to fish oil consumption: osteoarthritis.  It turns out guinea pigs naturally develop osteoarthritis (who knew?), and when the little rodents were given omega-3 rich diets the disease progression was reduced by 50%.  Thank you for your contribution, guinea pigs…

They may make you drive unsafely and ignore the actual people around you, but a new study says cell phones do not cause cancer.  Thumb sprains from excessive texting still likely…

This weekend will be filled with Halloween parties.  If your costume requires spooky contact lenses, consider this a warning.

Blog of the week:

Adam at the Amateur Gourmet asks the question “Do people cook for attention?”.   Then makes a dish that gets mine.


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