Eat by Stars: Chik-Fil-A

Eat by Stars is going out to eat.  This week we head to Chik-fil-a.  Usually regarded as one of the “healthier” fast food joints, Chik-fil-a is a local favorite, even if they didn’t invent the chicken.

On this trip to Chik-fil-a we’ll take a look at their “typical” fare.  Left out this round are salads (obviously the best option if you mind your dressing choice) and breakfast options.

Chicken Nuggets

Per 8 count: calories 260, fat 12g (2.5g sat fat), carbs 11g, protein 28g,       (sodium 41% DV)

These all white meat chicken nuggets are a delicious, and solidly healthy, fast food choice. The high saturated fat and sodium level are definite drawbacks, however.  Be mindful of your dipping sauce…

Dipping Sauce: Greater Then ><Less Then    Buffalo>BBQ>Polynesian>Ranch>Chik-fil-a Sauce.

Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich 

Per sandwich: calories 290, fat 4g, carbs 36g, protein 29g, (sodium 43% DV)

This makes sense.  A non-breaded, grilled chicken breast sandwich without cheese is always a good fast food option.  As usual, the salt content hurts.  Watch out for the Club version.  It adds cheese, bacon, and another 120 calories.

Classic Chicken Sandwich 

Per sandwich: calories 430, fat 17g, carbs 38g, protein 30g, (sodium 59% DV)

The original chicken sandwich.  Man, I love these guys.  Once a month, you’re good. Three a week? We need to talk about brown bagging it. Too may carbs, too much sodium, and a good chunk of your daily calories are strikes against this cow favorite.


Chargrilled: : calories 460, fat 17g, carbs 50g, protein 28g                                     Cesear:               calories 460, fat 15g, carbs 47g, protein 40g                                            Spicy:             calories 410, fat 12g, carbs 48g, protein 34g

As you can see, the different wrap varieties have similar nutritional profiles.  All of which mirror the classic chicken sandwich.  Wraps can be tricky, they seem healthier, but oftentimes they don’t measure up (especially if you add dressing).  Get a wrap if you like them better, not as a healthier option.


A quick look at four Chik-fil-a sides.  After all, this is where most fast food meals really hurt you.

Fruit Bowl   calories 70, fat 0g, carbs 17g, protein 1g.       Duh.  If you can order this at a fast food joint you’re a stronger person than I.

Carrot & Raisin Salad  calories 210, fat 12g, carbs 40g, protein 2g. Not a bad choice at all.  Sure beats the usual side order of fries.

Cole Slaw   calories 360, fat 31g, carbs 19g, protein 2g.                           Beats the fries.  Especially in the carb department.

Fries   calories 390, fat 21g, carbs 47g, protein 5g.                                           These are what get you every time.  Added to a classic chicken sandwich you’re staring down a 820 calorie 85g carb meal.


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