Magic Cookies?

Ah, Christmas cookies.  One of the many treats foisted upon us during the holidays.  I spotted this box of holiday treats perched on a shelf yesterday.  Got me thinking.  Exactly how long will it be until these cookies will actually be eaten? (It’s 53 days til Christmas)

See, when my family makes holiday cookies they are delicious the day out of the oven.  And they’re still quite tasty pulled out of ziploc bag the next day.  Heck, I may even sneak one on December 27th.  But, by New Year’s, those cookies have lost the designation as “treats”.

So what makes these boxed cookies, to be eaten 8 weeks from now, special?  Are they magic cookies?

Not likely.  Instead, they are processed treats designed to withstand a long shelf life.  To me, that’s not very appetizing.  Even for cookies.

This holiday season make your own cookies and treats.  Unless you like the idea of cookies designed to last through tax season.


2 responses to “Magic Cookies?

  1. Hi, in what store did you see these christmas cookies? Dou you know what company makes them? thanks

    • Hi Cooper!
      I spotted these cookies at my local drugstore. I’m unsure of the maker of the cookies. It was a smaller company I hadn’t heard of before. Thanks for the comment!

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