McRib: A Limited-Time Science Experiment?

Ah, the McRib.  Full disclosure, I’ve never had one.  I’m not sure why.  Although, a sensible dietary rule of thumb is to avoid foods shaped to look like they have bones. Here’s more discouraging info on the McRib’s contents.  Good thing they’re for a limited time….   (McRib Nutritional Info)

Speaking of McDonald’s, a new study conducted at a McDonald’s inside Children’s Hospital of San Diego (yes, there’s a McDonald’s in a Children’s Hospital) shows what kids typically eat at the Golden Arches.  The findings are what you’d expect.  Even if some McDonald’s gave out apples instead of candy this Halloween.

It’s important to read nutrition labels.  Most people claim they do.  Are they lying? 

There’s long been the belief probiotics (Cultrelle, Align, etc) are good for treating diarrhea caused by antibiotic use.  Several new studies bolster this notion.

You’ve most certainly been lectured about the importance of getting enough sleep.  But can you get too much?

Are you obsessed with food centric TV programs? You’re decidedly not alone.  And it’s changed the way we eat, approach, and appreciate food.

Washing your hands is the best way to keep from getting sick this cold and flu season.  Especially if you touch one of these 7 Dirtiest Surfaces.

Who had 72 days in the Kardashian marriage pool?





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