Three Supplement Types to Avoid

I’m a big fan of supplements.  Sometimes they get a bad rap.  I understand why. Products with outlandish claims, silly ads, and shady manufacturing are the rotten apples trying to spoil the bunch.

Stick to reputable manufacturers and reasonable claims.  Run screaming from these types of “supplements”.

Dietary or Weight-loss.  These promise easy and fast weight loss by simply taking a magic pill.   No dietary changes required! Curious a guy in his parents basement in New Jersey would discover this before scientists with huge research budgets.

Energy Boosters.  Constantly run-down?  Need a pick me up?  Take a pill and you’ll be the energizer bunny on speed!  And happy!  Oh, bulls**t.  They’re loaded with caffeine and stimulants like bitter orange.  Getting sleep, eating healthy, and regularly exercising doesn’t come in pill form.

Male/Female Enhancement.  Quite unfortunately, whether it’s performance or size, a pill cannot fix bedroom problems.  I’d love to be able to suggest something, but for most of these problems you need to talk to your doctor. No matter how popular a product may be in China.

The common thread from these impostors?  Immediate, sensational, and unbelievable results.  Trust your judgement.  If it sounds too good to be true…  


5 responses to “Three Supplement Types to Avoid

  1. Dan,

    What do you think about whey proteins? I have been taking whey proteins for close to a year now. I started taking them about a year ago when I started a regular weight lifting and cardio regimen. I typically take 2-3 servings a day. I have been using the same brand for the past year. And while a lot of nutrition reviews I have read for it typically gives it good reviews, the thing that concerns me most is the amount of ingredients in the one I use. Just curious.

    • Thanks for the question, Drew.
      I’ve used whey protein in the past and found it to be helpful and effective. Adding it to a pre- or post-workout shake is a great idea. Heck, swirling a couple scoops in water or milk makes a quick, filling breakfast. I say if it’s working for you, keep it up.

      One caution: If there’s any kidney problems in your family check with your doctor. Too much protein can strain the kidneys.

      As far as the number of ingredients, I have no opinion. But, I’m a big believer in the fewer the ingredients the better, so if there are other options with less fillers they may be worth a try. What brand of whey do you currently use?

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