A Special Workout Motivation

Why do you exercise?  It’s a common question.  With answers usually centering on the few familiar themes of losing or maintaining weight, stress relief, and health concerns.

Good reasons all, to be sure.  But when you’re motivation is waning, remember the other, more personal, reasons you keep in shape.

Here’s one of mine:

That’s my 10 year old lab mix, Lex (aka Mr Poopers).  Last year he injured his back.  The poor guy couldn’t even go up and down stairs.  I wasn’t about to make my pooch sleep downstairs alone.  So I scooped up his 80lb fur covered frame and carried him up a flight of stairs every night.  His years of loyalty demanded the effort.

Carrying 80lbs up a flight of stairs isn’t easy.  I’m glad I’m in shape to do it.  Nowwhile at the gym I don’t bust out an extra set thinking of caring for my dog as he gets older, but it’s moments like those that help me remember why staying in shape is so important.  Not just for cosmetic or health reasons.

What personal reasons do you have for exercising?

Now, a completely gratuitous shot of our other dog, Miles Davis. (My wife had him a Halloween costume.  Poor guy).  Increased readership is directly proportional to cute dog pics.


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