The XXL Chalupa is the New McMansion

Whether it’s a Louis Vuitton bag, D&G sunglasses, a monstrous SUV, or a house two sizes too big, we all have made purchases intended to convey status.   But now, a new study shows ordering  large food portions is producing the same effect.

When I was child and my sister had chickenpox, my mother basically rubbed me against her so I would get it too.  A woman in Nashville has decided that’s a marketable idea.  Especially when the virus is comes in lollipop form.  Ah, capitalism.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Freshman 15.  The notion that late nights of pizza and beer add 15lbs to the average college freshman frame.  Not true, says this study.  In my unscientific research, the freshman 15 is no myth. (Well, for me it was more like sophomore 20.  We lived above a Papa John’s!)

Although weight issues in families tend to be more about habits than genetics, scientists have identified an “obesity gene” that indicates higher likelihood of developing obesity.  There’s hope, however.  Not only does exercise keep you trim, it can also turn off the obesity gene.

Here’s an interesting interview with a former Big Food executive who has switched points of view.

Blog of the week:  The Amateur Gourmet gives us 10 Ways to Fix a Mistake in the Kitchen.


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