A Headline You Didn’t See

In the past couple of weeks do you recall seeing this headline?

“Painkiller Overdose Deaths Triple in Decade”

Maybe?  Not really?  What about this one?

“Vitamins May Lead to Premature Deaths”

Ah yes, you remember hearing something about that.

A few weeks ago I discussed a new study’s conclusion that vitamins lead to premature death.  It was widely covered.  This week, I only saw one report pertaining to the first headline.  That strikes me as odd.

Why the difference?  Is there a media bias against vitamins?  I ran a google search to see if the difference was real or perceived.

I searched painkiller overdose and vitamins and early death over the past month.  There were nearly twice as many results for the vitamins (700,000) as the painkillers (375,000).  I understand a simple google search isn’t scientific.  But that’s a huge difference.  What gives?

Honestly, I don’t know.  I’m a big proponent of vitamins, so naturally I suspect some sort of bias.  Where this bias comes from I don’t know.  Perhaps because vitamins are less regulated than prescription medicines they seem less safe.  It’s clear, however, regulation doesn’t always mean safer.

Since 50% of Americans take vitamins, a “Vitamins can kill!” headline grabs more eyeballs.  In today’s media, it’s all about eyeballs.  I’d certainly say that plays a major role.

Is there anything else?  An agenda more sinister lurking beneath?  That answer isn’t clear.  But, to me at least, this type of bias can’t continue to be denied.

Am I nuts?  Thoughts?  


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