5 Fast Facts: Supermarkets

You’re local supermarket is a wondrous place.  It’s the one spot everyone in your neighborhood visits regularly.  Likely at least once a week.  Can you think of any other destination so common among your neighbors?  I certainly never see Mrs. Toomanycats bellied up at the local bar.

Here’s five facts about this central gathering point.  Because the more you know…

1)      The healthiest food is along the walls.  Junk food in the middle.  Simple as that.

2)      The fastest moving foods are hard to get to.  Where’s the dairy section in your grocery?  Probably way in the back.  Since milk is bought so regularly it’s stuck back there so you have to walk through everything else.  Hello, impulse buy!

3)      There are up to 40,000 products in a supermarket.  Makes you feel pretty smart you can actually find what you’re looking for, eh?

4)      Prime shelf space goes to the highest bidder.  The all important eye level shelves cost food companies much more “rental” space than the ankle dwellers.

5)      They are a business.  Hey, nothing wrong with that.  This IS America, damnit.  Just remember, they want you to buy more food, not necessarily healthier food.  You’re on your own there.

-Adapted from Marion Nestle’s What to Eat


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