Screening 10 Year-Olds for Adult Disease

This makes me sad.  New guidelines supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics push for cholesterol screening for 11 year-olds.  Harrumph.  I understand the potential benefits, but geez, is testing THAT young really necessary?  What do you think?

A new study produced surprising results regarding what income class eats the most fast food.  Still, the closer you are to a McDonald’s, the more likely you are to hit the drive thru.  How close are you?  Check out this map.

Not only is exercise helpful in combating McDonald’s effects, it can also help keep your brain strong as you age.  Seriously, there’s nothing better you can do for your health than regular exercise.  Nothing.

This bears watching:  The founder of VitaminWater has started a new “healthy fast food” restaurant.  With plans for expansion.  The concept has been tried before, but not like this.  No regular coke or fries available.

I love studies that reveal obvious results.  This week we have a report concluding men’s alcohol consumption, smoking, and crime rates decline when they become new fathers.  Nothing yet about increased drinking while raising teenagers….


2 responses to “Screening 10 Year-Olds for Adult Disease

  1. Funny about the raising teenagers. Not funny about cholesterol in kids. I have always had high cholesterol, but it’s genetic. I’m still not on meds for it, and hopefully I’ll keep it that way.

    • That’s great you’ve been able to stay off meds for the high cholesterol. What I fear most with the kiddies getting screened is soon we’ll have dozens of teenagers popping Lipitor. A magic pill that allows them to keep up poor eating habits.

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