Score one for Coca-Cola

One of the biggest culprits in the childhood obesity epidemic is sugary drinks.  The empty calories in cans and bottles of soda have a tendency to add unwanted pounds.  Especially when you drink 3 cans a day.  And are 14 years old.

One effort to combat this problem is to eliminate the availablility of sugary drinks in schools.  This way, it’s believed, kids will have less access, or at least unsupervised access, to these diabetes starter kits.

Naturally pushback has come from the companies making these products.  For me, claims of free enterprise being intruded upon in doesn’t outweigh the negative health effects of excessive soda consumption.

Now, however, new ammo for sugary drink makers has arrived in the form of a study concluding sugary drink consumption is not altered when they’re banned at school.

It seems kids find ways to still get their soda fix.  It’s as if children ( even teenagers!) don’t care what adults say about the problems of drinking too much soda.  Gasp!

I’ve got to admit I’m disappointed with this result.  I do however, still support sugary drink bans in public schools.  Certainly this one measure won’t solve the problem, but my heavens, it certainly can’t hurt.  (Unless you’re a Coca-Cola shareholder.)

Thoughts?  Critiques? Musings?


2 responses to “Score one for Coca-Cola

  1. I learned in nutrition school that half of all Americans over the age of two drink soda on a daily basis. That’s an insane amount of calories! Thanks for spreading the word out there. This problem needs to be stopped.

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