The Only 2 Rules for Holiday Dieting You Need

It’s Thanksgiving week.  The Holiday Season is here.   Through this time of year you’ll hear and read all manner of advice on how to manage stress, maximize happiness, and most importantly, avoid those unwanted pounds.

Naturally, I must join the fray.  I like to keep things simple, so here are my   Two Rules for Holiday Dieting.

#1 On Holidays, Do Not Diet!

This Thursday, eat what you want.  Eat as much as you want.  Drink lots of what pleases you (unless driving!).  Same goes for December 25th.  None of this “how to stay on your diet” on Turkey Day or Christmas.

Go ahead.  Fill up your plate and cover it all in gravy.  I sure will.  Go back for seconds.  Or, nerves of steel, thirds.  Lie on the couch unable to move as all blood flow has been redirected towards digestion.

Enjoy the day.  Full of friends, family, football, and food.

#2  December 10th is NOT a Holiday

So, in these next six weeks you have two days to eat as you please.  That’s ONLY TWO.  A December 10th office party is when you have “just a taste”.  Office parties are not a holiday.

You don’t get to indulge because it’s “the holidays” unless it is ACTUALLY a holiday.  Healthy eating habits remain in place from November 25th to December 24th.

You’ll be tempted.  Likely from now until the end of bowl season.  Don’t deny yourself.  Just no going overboard.  Enjoy treats and dining out as normal.

You can do it.  You WILL come out of this holiday season at your current fighting weight.  Even if on Thursday at 3pm you lack the mobility to fight off your mom’s “so when are you getting married” inquisition.


2 responses to “The Only 2 Rules for Holiday Dieting You Need

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