Thanksgiving Links

I’m really looking forward to this Thanksgiving week.  An enjoyable turkey day with my wife and good friends will be followed by the Backyard Brawl (GO Mountaineers!) and a Falcons home game.

I’ll be back on Monday with regularly scheduled programming.  First, here’s some tidbits, references, and links to make your week gobblety, gobblety good.

All your turkey questions answered with these Turkey Fundamentals.

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, don’t forget about those with different dietary preferences.  Here’s some ideas for Welcoming Vegetarians to your Thanksgiving Table.

Keep your family and friends from spending the afternoon in the bathroom with FoodTv’s Rules of Thanksgiving Food Safety.

In honor of my wife’s favorite veggie, some Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Recipes.

Tons of leftovers are part of the Thanksgiving Day tradition.  But be mindful with Consumer Report’s 10 Tips for Reducing Wasted Food this Holiday Season.

As Ben Franklin said: “Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.”   Now a study says a little beer may be good for us.


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