It’s Not Bacon’s Fault, It’s IHOP’s

Wednesday Wire Links:

I love bacon.  Despite the high salt and fat content, around my place rarely is heard a discouraging word about bacon’s contribution to life’s fulfillment.  Then I read this statement by folks who live behind an IHOP.  Bet they wouldn’t say that if it was a Waffle House.

It seems restaurants and food marketers are beginning to respond to the changing demands of varying dining habits.  Not a bad thing, I suppose.  Yet, all the new offerings are on the unhealthy side.  Guess at 2am folks aren’t looking for an apple unless it’s dipped in chocolate and deep fried.

Conventional wisdom pegs our holiday weight gain around 5-10lbs.  Although we gain a significant amount of our yearly total in these 6 weeks, this detailed analysis illustrates we don’t gain as much as we think.  This is not a reason to overindulge at the Christmas party.

We’re constantly told to avoid sugar as a remedy for the mid-afternoon slump.  Nutritionists tell us things like almonds and hummus are better pick me ups.  Now there’s evidence a handful of nuts wakes you up better than a Kit Kat.

Think you know a lot about vitamins?  Here’s a quiz to humble you.

Blog of the week: An inspirational tale of weight loss that asks What is your Boulder? from Lisa at 110 pounds and Counting


2 responses to “It’s Not Bacon’s Fault, It’s IHOP’s

  1. You eat bacon? Like any kind of bacon? Like the kind with nitrates?

    • Sure. I’m of the feeling life is too short to worry about every little thing that could hurt us. Eat well most of the time, stay active, take vitamins, and keep smiling is how I try to live.

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