Your Doc Uses Supplements, You Should Too

Although supplement use is often vilified in the media, a new survey indicates your physician likely is convinced of their utility. It seems 60-75% of physicians take supplements themselves.  That’s about the same rate as the general population.   Doctors…just like US!

They’re typically taking multivitamins and fish oil.  And most would recommend their patients mimic their supplement use.  If it’s good enough for your physician…

Most physicians don’t receive formal training about supplements.  No worries.  Being a physician requires a lifelong commitment to learning.  Understanding the usefulness and yes, the dangers, of supplements is a skill most MDs develop through their careers and personal experience.

So talk to your doc about supplementation.  Ask if they personally take anything and why.  Ask what you should avoid.  And always be sure to clear with your doc any new supplement you wish to start.

Turns out Doctors are just like regular people.  Curious….


One response to “Your Doc Uses Supplements, You Should Too

  1. Supplements are awesome – if you get the right kind of quality…. vitamins derived from whole foods, certified mercury free fish oils, a refrigerated probiotic with at least 15 billion strains, etc…

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