How Much Caffeine is Too Much?

A lot of us require a cup of joe to get the day started.  But some keep the caffeine train rolling all day.  How much of our favorite stimulant is too much?

What’s your go to method when you want to shed a few pounds?  It’s likely in this top 10 of ways Americans try to lose weight.  And it’s clear we need to keep trying because we’ve raised what we consider the ideal weight for men and women.

Here’s a study showing how much time Americans typically spend on food.  How do you compare?

Apparently a third of teens eat vegetables less than once a day.  I’d say not too surprising.  But kinda eerie that percentage nearly mirrors the obesity rate.

In San Francisco, fast food companies are forbidden from including free toys in kids meals.   McDonald’s has figured out a way around the law, charge a 10 cents for the toy.  How many parents can turn down quieting a nagging child with only a dime?


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