Breakfast of Champions

Wednesday Wire Links:

What’s the best thing to feed your children for breakfast?  How about a Twinkie®?  No?  Well, if you feed them sugary cereals with cartoon characters on the front you may as well give them the cream filled cake disaster.              They contain the same amount of sugar.

This is fairly ridiculous but also kinda fun.  Take this quiz to discover the type of Christmas cookie you’d most likely become.  If, of course, you could turn into a Christmas cookie.  I’m a no-bake.  Mildly disappointing…

Taking the stairs is better for your health than the elevator.  A new study now says it also may actually be faster.

Tebowmania has made its way to Essentials of Nutrition:  Check out one intrepid reporter’s quest to discover What Would Tim Tebow Eat?

Blog of the week:  How Katie at Katie Did got off the habit of counting calories.  Follow her lead.


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