Managing 5 Life (and Diet) Changes

The holiday season always creates a challenge to maintaining a healthy diet.  But it’s only 6 weeks, we can get through it.  Sometimes though, life brings on challenges that push us toward a major change in our dietary habits.  Sometimes their obvious.  Other times, less so.

Let’s look at five life changes that are certain to affect your dietary patterns.  And strategies to manage them.

Off to college

First time without mom and dad regulating (kinda) your diet.  Late night pizza and beer bashes are de rigueur.  I’m telling you, the freshman 15 is not myth.

Strategy.  I have absolutely no idea.  Seriously.  Only the really high minded collegian will pay attention to their diet.  At least as a frosh.


So, it’s like, forever, forever?  Indeed.  You’ve picked your mate.   You’re happy.  You indulge.  Figuring out the whole “til death do us part” thing can distract your usually sensible food choices.

Strategy.  It’s likely you both share a desire to eat healthy.  So team up.  Plan healthy meals together.  Cook together.  Make eating healthy a household priority.  Better practice now cause soon they’re will be….


I’m not a parent so I have no business commenting here.  But, best as I can tell pretty much everything you knew about free time (and life in general ) is swept away with a single newborn’s cry.

Strategy.  Flexibility is the key here.  Old habits will change.  Dramatically.  That certainly includes diet and exercise.  Be prepared for it.  And remember, this new person  will develop a relationship with food by following your lead.  Be a good role model.

New Job

Although completely unlike becoming a parent, a new job is also gonna push around your habits, priorities, and time management.

Strategy.  You got the job because you’re motivated, responsible, and a forward thinker.  Sounds like good traits to use in your personal life.

Your Getting Older

Happens to the best of us.  Happening to me as we speak.  Getting older will make it harder to shed pounds and stay as active.  Not much you can do….

Strategy.  Be ready and be vigilant.  Because it happens slowly this change can be the most incendiary.  Listen to what your body is telling you.  Don’t let unwanted pounds sneak up while you’re living your life.

The key to successfully navigating any major life change is preparation.  Know things are gonna be shaken up and look for a new normal.  Always actively consider ways to adapt your healthy habits.


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