Screw Resolutions…

Who needs them?  They’re stupid.  And no one sticks to them after a few weeks.  Just a silly waste of time, right?  I say wrong!

The new year is a perfect time to reassess our health, habits, and goals.  So is the start of each month.  Or when a life change hits us.  Or when we need a life makeover.  Or our doctor told us we’re diabetic.  Or we’re bored.

Point is, there’s never a bad time for a resolution.  A resolution is simply a desire to effect change.  So do it.  Here’s how:

Assess your goal.  What is it you want?  To fit into size 4 jeans.  To run a 5K.  To lower your cholesterol. To crush a walnut with your rippling bicep or rock hard behind.  Know what the end effect is so you’ll have an idea when you’ve gotten there.  Be specific.

Is it realistic?  Losing 50 pounds in a month is not a reasonable, or healthy, goal.  Be honest with how far you can get in how long.

What habits get you there?  Eating better is not a resolution.  It is habit to develop to meet the goal you resolved to accomplish.  If taking 4 inches off your waste is a resolution, eating out only twice a week is a habit.

When will you reassess your progress?  I do it every month.  Takes me 15 minutes to check my progress from last month and identify what I want to accomplish in the coming 30 days.  Start doing the same.  Make it a resolution….

It’s up to you.  You can say “screw resolutions.”  Or you can take this new year to do a life audit and adjust your course.  Then resolve to make resolutions more than just a January occurrence.


What Say You!

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