Five Fast Facts: Black-Eyed Peas

The legume, not the hip-hop outfit.

1)      Not surprisingly, black eyed peas are members of the legume family.  They see green beans at family reunions.

2)      Considering the familial connection, it makes sense black-eyed peas look similar to green beans while being cultivated.  Unlike green beans, we traditionally eat the peas without the pod.

3)      Although origins are in dispute, consuming black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day is considered lucky.  The tradition is particularly common in the southeastern United States.

4)      There are many great ways to prepare black-eyed peas.  Here’s four

5)      I always felt Fergie ought to be upset Justin Timberlake stole her thunder on their first hit “Where is the Love?”.  Perhaps that’s what “Big Girls Don’t Cry” was about…


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