A Sandwich for a Sith Lord

A fast food chain in Belgium has created the Darth Vader burger to promote the release of Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace.  Interesting.  I pegged Darth as German…

This is my favorite headline “Age, Happiness Linked, Though Reasons Unclear.  Indeed.  Who knew older folks were happier?  (I experience several contradictions at work daily.)  Perhaps it’s senility.

The wife and I are planning on growing our family in 2012.  Good thing I’m taking fish oil.  It reportedly makes my boys better swimmers.

An organic farmer goes to Washington.  And for the uninitiated, here’s what it takes to be certified organic.

It’s a small study, but could it be kids started getting dumber when we stopped having recess?  I’m not educator, but it makes sense to me.

Excedrin, NoDoz, and Gas-X have been recalled.  Contact your local pharmacy for more info.

Something you probably already knew; arrogant folks are less likely to help others.  Good thing I’m too good for not helping others…


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