A Fitness Measuring Stick

I’m not an exercise nut.  I’ll likely never sport six pack abs or be able to do a handstand pushup.  Fitness model will never appear on my resume.

But I do strive to stay consistent in my exercise regime.   Primarily because I genuinely enjoy working out and staying active.  And, on some level, I need the stress relief of a good sweat.

Occasionally though, my regular workouts will become, shall we say, less regular. (Like around the holidays).  During these times, it’s important to have a fitness measuring stick.

A fitness measuring stick is a workout that serves as a barometer to assess how out of shape I’ve fallen.  It also tells me when I’ve gotten back to where I was before the exercise hiatus.

Over the years I’ve used several workouts as a measuring stick.  A regular jogger, I always want to be able to run a 5k with minimal training.

Currently, my fitness measuring stick is a workout from Men’s Health Magazine called the 9-9-9 workout.

It’s not the hardest workout ever.  When I’m in good shape I can do it with relative ease.  But it serves as a perfect fitness measuring stick for me.

So this year, as you resolve to get back into shape, along the way decide on a measuring stick workout.  Then use it to keep you motivated.  And in shape when life (or holiday overindulgence) gets in the way.

What’s your measuring stick workout?



3 responses to “A Fitness Measuring Stick

  1. Hello there fellow PharmD! (Well… I’ll be there in a few months…) Glad to have found you! 🙂

  2. Initially I’ll be working as a staff hospital pharmacist. My husband and I may end up moving for his job this year so we shall see what happens then… considering residency programs. What setting are you in?

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