5 Fast Facts: Diabetes

The airwaves have been buzzing this week with celebrity chef Paula Deen’s announcment she has developed type 2 diabetes.  Most people know diabetes is not a good thing to have, but perhaps aren’t sure why.  Time for a (very) quick tutorial….

  1. Diabetes is simply our body’s inability to process blood sugar from our food properly.  Nothing more.
  2. Insulin is our hormone responsible for moving blood sugar into our cells so it can be used for energy or stored.
  3. Type 1 diabetes develops from birth when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough, or any, insulin.  Type 2 diabetes is developed in adulthood through an improper diet.
  4. An improper diet of junk food leads to insulin sensitivity and diabetes.  Think of insulin sensitivity as overworked insulin not being able to handle blood sugar as well as it should.
  5. Chronic high blood sugar from diabetes damages parts of our bodies, particularly small blood vessels.  The end result is nerve damage in the extremities (primarily lower legs), blindness, cardiovascular problems, and kidney dysfunction.  Quite serious indeed.



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