What’s a “Good Source” ?

The message cries out from cereal boxes, fruit juices, and other packaged foods.  Even mac n cheese claims,  “A good source of Calcium & Protein!”.  But, what is a good source?  And why is it touted so?

By FDA definition a good source provides,  “10-19% of the Recommended Daily Value per Reference Amount Customarily Consumed per Eating Occasion (think per serving)”.   If your product meets this minimal requirement you can tout it next to the cartoon cat selling the sugary cereal.

And therein lies the reason behind their ubiquity.  These celebrations of added nutrients are put there for one reason, to trick you into associating something healthy with an unhealthy product.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to make a product look desirable. It’s a cornerstone of our free market economy.

Another cornerstone of our economy is “buyer beware”.  We’re required as consumers to decifer those marketing tricks.  And lucky for us, this one’s easy.

With few exceptions, it’s a safe bet any product that claims to be “a good source” of something healthy is also loaded with “a preponderance” of diabetes inducing crap.

Can’t fool you….


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