What’s Missing in your Produce Section

The produce section of my local grocery store is missing something.  Not a particular product.  Although a decent strawberry not grown halfway around the world is hard to come by this time of year.  With good reason, of course.

No, it’s something more.  Something that is present down every aisle, but cannot be found where fruits and vegetables reside.

The missing culprit: the words “A Good Source of…”.  Curious. Especially since fruits and vegetables are a good source of all things, well, good.

Yesterday I gave a quick tutorial of what “A Good Source of…” means.  The bottom line is it has become a tool used by food manufacturers to make unhealthy food seem healthier.

Fruits and vegetables need no such claim.  They’re born and bred with it.  Boastfulness is not becoming for a banana.  (Although I hear a watermelon, when filled with vodka, can get belligerent.)

Intoxicated fruit aside, the lack of ads and food marketing on a product is the surest sign of its healthfulness.  The old “don’t eat it if comes in box or bag” adage continues to ring true.

This January, the Food Network blog, Healthy Eats, has issued weekly challenges to push our diets back to the healthy side of the ledger.  This week’s challenge is to eat more fruits and vegetables.  I can think of no better way to start than to reward these immodest foods with a proper place in our diet.

Maybe not the watermelon.  It’s out of season after all….


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