The King Delivers

Links and such from the week…

Burger King restaurants in the Washington, DC area are now offering delivery service.  Two thoughts:  Where was this in college?  And, fast food isn’t all that great anyway, how can it be improved by increasing the time from heating to serving?  Oh, and if the delivery person is dressed like the King….

Here’s a guide on what to do when you burn your tongue on hot pizza.  Seriously, where was THIS in college?

I dig Trader Joe’s.  But some folks have developed an Apple like devotion to the grocer.  Here’s a quick explanation of its popularity.  And I thought it was the Hawaiian shirt clad employees and Two Buck Chuck.

A look at the caffeine content of 22 popular pick-me-ups.

Some hope: The CDC reports the overall obesity rate in the United States has hit a plateau since 2000.

Stay away from weight loss supplements.  Dr Oz says soI concur.


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