5 Ways to Measure Your Weight Without a Scale

We’re addicted to the number.  The number peers up at us and can either make or break our day.  Or our self-esteem.   Or our sanity.

So should we regularly weigh ourselves?  Well, yeah.  But it’s not as important as you think.  Here’s 5 other ways to measure your gravitational affect on the earth.

  1. Your Clothes.  How do they fit?  I use the tightness of my belt as the first warning sign I’ve had too many nights of wings and beer.  Don’t ignore pants that don’t fit the same as they once did.  Or seams ripping when you exhale…
  2. Your Reflection.  You see it every day.  It can creep up on you, but if you pay attention it’s a quick way to see if things are hanging like they once were.
  3. Your Trouble spots.  Mine are my love handles.  I can quickly feel the spare tire starting when I’m gaining a pound or two.  I don’t like how it feels.  So I resolve to fix it.
  4. A Flight of Stairs.  Here we’re gauging our fitness.  Which, of course, is directly tied to our weight and our…
  5. Self-Confidence.  I’ve always experienced a little boost in confidence when I feel I’m at an appropriate weight.  If you feel so good you’re strutting, go with it.  Who cares if you look like a fool.

You’re more than a number…..

Any other ways you use to track weight sans scale?


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