Healthier School Eats on The Way

Your weekly links roundup…

The new school lunch nutritional standards are out.  A modest improvement.   Now, of course, let the debate begin whether they will make kids eat better.  I vote a little.  I figure they’ll still be stashing honey buns in their lockers…

Here’s an interesting look at what consumers consider “healthy foods” throughout the world?  A notable absence of honey buns.

In order to conform to “healthy diet” blogging etiquette, I’m required to link to at least one site for healthy Super Bowl snacks.  Because I’m an overachiever, here’s another.  (Personally, I’m all over the buffalo chicken dip.  Healthy Super Bowl food be damned.)

It’s a terrifically popular exercise regimen, and now P90X has been given the stamp of approval from The American Council on Exercise as a solid source of cardiovascular exercise.

If you’re a coffee nut, check out this tutorial to help decifer the numerous claims stamped on packages of your favorite roast.

Blog of the week: Sandy Ibrahim at Hitgirl’s Blog asks when it comes to exercise and diet are you nice or kind to yourself?


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