Shopping Cart Showdown

Today Eat by Stars is comparison shopping.  We’re taking two (or three) similar products and deciding which should go into our shopping carts.  Call it a ripoff of the bestselling Eat This, Not That book series if you’d like.

I’m calling it an Eat by Stars Shopping Cart Showdown! (Now all I need is physical challenge…)

First Up:  What to Dip in My Hummus?

Celery , carrots, or other veggies are healthiest, but I prefer pita or flat bread.  Which one is best?  Let’s go to the scorecards….

Whole Wheat Pita Bread

Per Loaf: calories 150, fat 0.5g, carbs 30g, protein 6g, (salt 9%)

Whole Grain Flatbread

Per half: calories 170, fat 5g, carbs 28g, protein 5g, (salt 17%)

The Verdict:  At first glance the nutritional info is pretty similar.  But on closer inspection one thing sticks out.  The ingredient lists:



Just by eyeballing you can see the flatbread has a longer ingredient list.  The flatbread has 17 ingredients to the pita’s 9.  Ingredient list length isn’t foolproof, but a good rule of thumb is the longer the list, the bigger your waistline.  Into the Cart…..Pita!

Next: The Best Pizza Topping this Side of Cheese…

Three types of pepperoni.  Which tops the pizza?

Pork Pepperoni 

Per 14 standard slices: calories 140, fat 13g, carbs 0g, protein 5g, (salt 20%), 12 ingredients

Turkey Pepperoni

Per 17 standard slices: calories 70, fat 4g, carbs 0g, protein 9g, (salt 27%), 14 ingredients

Organic Uncured Pepperoni

Per 2 large slices: calories 80, fat 7g, carbs 1g, protein 4g, (salt 11%), 9 ingredients

The Verdict:  Turkey pepperoni certainly seems healthier, and in many ways it is.  It’s ingredient list is troublesome however.  Both it and standard issue pork pepperoni contain mystery ingredients BHT & BHA. But, pork pepperoni wins points for tasting better baked on a pie.  Call those two a push.

How does the organic uncured version stack up? Fewer ingredients, less salt, and organic status are huge pluses.  And frankly, too much for our other choices to overcome. The organic uncured version deserves a place on top of your pizza.  Into the Cart….Uncured Organic!


What Say You!

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