The Endorsement: The Grill Pan

Winter is the time of year when the patio grill is typically in hibernation.  It’s a shame too.  The grill is one of the healthiest, tastiest, and damnit, manliest  ways to cook.

Enter the grill pan.  You can cook grill worthy food on your stove top despite the  dropping mercury level outside.

Now admittedly, I’ve been known to don a parka and fire up the propane pushed flames in the dead of winter.  Although this winter in Atlanta a tank top and fruity drink would be more appropriate.

Still, the grill pan has been a savior during the short days.  Most particularly this year because, good weather or not, my fire-breathing Kenmore is in need of repair.

Grill pan cooking rules are nearly identical to the real thing.  Get it smoking hot before you add your protein or veggies.  A sizzle as flesh meets the pan is essential for a good sear and those fancy grill marks. (Turn it 90 degrees halfway through cooking for the awe-inspiring cross hatching)

Cooking times for all your favorites are nearly identical on the stove top as the grill top.  The only adjustment, at least in my house, is battery removal from the smoke detector.  If only to keep the dogs from howling as my searing turned char broil sends a piercing “dinner’s ready” through the neighborhood.


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