The Poison on Your Face

If you’re a female, this morning you likely applied makeup.  Probably do it every morning.  Eye shadow, concealer, base, and lots of other stuff that at once mystifies and entices me.

Unfortunately, there’s stuff in makeup that is not terribly enticing.  Namely, chemical poisons.

Indeed, it’s possible the stuff you smear on your face contains formaldehyde.  Yes, the same formaldehyde that preserved your biology class frog for dissection.

Not exactly the what you’d put on your money-maker “because your worth it.”

And it’s not just makeup.  Personal care products like lotions, soaps, deodorants, and moisturizers also contain chemical poisons.  Sorry guys, it’s not just a woman’s problem.

How Harmful?

Last week I introduced the concept of hormesis.  The idea that little doses of bad stuff can actually be good for us.  Or, at least, not that harmful.  So are the chemicals in the makeup making us sick?

The Environmental Working Group thinks so.  And although some will disagree, the real answer is no one knows for sure.  It’s difficult to prove exposure to a chemical over time causes disease.  There are just too many other variables.

Still, to me it seems logical that chemical exposure over any length of time is not a good thing.  It’s one reason I stopped wearing eye-liner.

The Best Protection

Avoidance.  Several companies offer chemical free makeup and skin care products.  Checking those out would be option one.  If you’re committed to your brand (as most of us are), push them to cut out the harmful stuff.

And take a multivitamin.  Vitamin’s antioxidant activity is our body’s natural defense against harmful chemicals.  While a healthy diet will fill your body with vitamins, a multivitamin can boost protection from sinister things like lip gloss.


What Say You!

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