Cigarettes, Booze, and Sugar

Links from the week:

What’s worse for you: a candy bar or a cigarette?  What about a shot of vodka vs frosted flakes?  A new commentary in the journal Nature lays out a case for regulating sugar as a toxin along with cigarettes and alcohol. There’s too many jokes here I’m floundering.  Marion Nestle isn’t laughing.

A new device that mounts on vending machines will provide nutritional information to help you decide which unhealthy snack to purchase.  And it’s touchscreen!  Cool!

More evidence the person you choose to break bread with has an effect on your eating habits.

If, like me, you’re a fan of seafood, enlighten yourself with Rodale’s 12 Fish You Should Never Eat.

Have one of those fancy smartphones?  Here’s the Top 10 Free Food and Nutrition Apps according to the Healthy Eats.

Blogs of the Week:

Kathleen at the Daily Crumb finally gave me a recipe involving brussel sprouts I can support.

And, CupcakesOMG! gives us a look at cupcakes like you’ve never seen before.  At once horrifying and exhilarating.


2 responses to “Cigarettes, Booze, and Sugar

  1. thanks for the link love dan!! i always wanna respond to your comments, but you don’t have your blogger/wordpress profile linked to your email so i canttttt!! anyway, thanks for dropping by!!!


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