A Food Bacon Doesn’t Make Better?

Links and such from the week:

I firmly believe bacon makes everything better.  The bacon milkshake from In & Out Burger, however, has shaken my belief system to its core.  At least it doesn’t have any real bacon.

Some good news:  A recent study in Health Affairs indicates not only do customers at a Chinese restaurant prefer smaller portions, they’ll also willingly pay full price.  Let the Downsizing Revolution begin!

Coconut water has caught on as an alternative to sports drinks.  Fooducate breaks down the hype.

This spring Wal-mart will begin using a new front of package nutritional information system on its house brand food products.  The “Great for you” labeling initiative has been met with mixed reviews.

Here’s a diagram showing how long food lasts in your fridge.

Blog of the week:  Cassie at Back to her Roots asks, Wings or legs?  I vote wings.  But her recipe for Sweet n Sticky Chicken Drumsticks scores points for the leg contingent.


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